These are my messes.. I mean kids.

So this is going to be a pretty quick post, but I just wanted to share how my morning went..   Shortly after shutting the video off, Ginni started doing the snow angel thing in the mess. This folks.. this is the chaotic life with three kids aged three and under. And yes, I… Continue reading These are my messes.. I mean kids.


DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Classic Country Halloween   Create a classic country Halloween vignette on your front porch by arranging hay bales, mums, pumpkins, and dried corn stalks around your steps. Fake spiderwebs add a not-too-scary touch.   Jack-o'-Lanterns in a Jiffy Turn orange tissue-paper balls into proper Halloween pumpkins that can line your front porch. Simply cut facial… Continue reading DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Ten Random Movies from My Movie Shelf

Drop Dead Fred (1991) A young woman finds her already unstable life rocked by the presence of a rambunctious imaginary friend from childhood. Mama (2013) A young couple take in their two nieces only to suspect that a supernatural spirit named Mama has latched itself to their family. The Family Stone (2005) An uptight, conservative… Continue reading Ten Random Movies from My Movie Shelf