First Full Day Home

So today was my first day home since being in the hospital for almost 2 weeks (long story in itself).

I went from a strict schedule, peace and quiet, no kids, no diapers, no screaming .. to pure madness.

Bodhi is growing so he eats, sleeps, poops, and screams for no reason.

Ginni and Charli are constantly at war with each other… and themselves.

Today I told Charli to sit down on the couch before she fell. What happened? She didn’t sit. She fell off the side of the couch. -Cue the facepalm-

Ginni, in three-nager fashion, told me multiple times I was fat. “This is my fat” (patting her belly) “just like you mommy!”…. 10 seconds later…. “You’re fat mom.” Thanks kid.

Going from peace and quiet to screaming 24/7 has frayed my nerves a bit. Not to mention Bodhi pulling my hair, Ginni and Charli hitting and shoving each other, kids falling off of things and getting hurt.. woof.

Been interesting so far. Waiting for the normalcy to kick back in. Then it’s on and poppin (by that I mean cleaning constantly)!

Next post will hopefully be a product review, so check back frequently, or just follow me and you’ll receive emails when I post new stuff 🙂

Thanks a mill –


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