Baby Carriers & Diaper Rash

90° = Ish, we’re staying inside.

We thought about the parade, the meet and greet with Poppy and Spiderman, the donkey cart rides, the craft show… but that’s it. Just thought.

Sorry, but dragging three little kids around in swamp ass weather & crowds that will only further my anxiety? No thanks.

We stayed in the A/C today and they were still crabby. Ginni has ridiculous diaper rash (yes, the 3yr old is not potty trained yet. Mom & dad are slackers). Changing her sounds like we’re murdering her. It’s got her waddling around the house like a penguin and she refuses to sit down. Fun.

Bodhi is still whiny as all hell. Today I decided to put him in the baby carrier. Instantly quiet and sleeping. Set him down – instantly screaming. Double fun.

The three-nager also told me I was fat, again. So yeah, I’d say it’s been a pretty good day.

But no, actually it has. I was able to snag some really good deals and we got some packages. The girls got a toy bowling set (review to come) and Jimmy and I both got voice-activated speakers!

These are $49.99 — here’s the link if you’re interested – — but after a lightning deal plus a coupon, they ended up being $1.06 with tax included!

I also purchased a laptop for $72 and ended up with 1,364 diapers, four tubs of formula, body wash, vapor rub, and feminine products for $47! It was a good day for deals. Happy Dance!

Now I sit here, patiently waiting for Prime Day deals 😉 Finger crossed for some more great deals – keep your peepers on Amazon!

– Deals for Days Dani

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