Still Awake

Sitting here staring at my phone, wondering why in creation I’m still awake.

Then I remember I chugged a Monster somewhere around 10pm.

Bright idea dummy.

I figure Bodhi will wake me up somewhere around 7-8am. Hello four hours of sleep, woo!

On the plus side, I’m getting some review stuff done and making a To-Do list for this week.

I just turned on the soundtrack to Leap! Because apparently watching it 4 billion times over the last few months has cut it and I need the soundtrack on.

Super excited for mail tomorrow (or today, technically?) because my LAPTOP is coming! 🙂

I might be sleep deprived, but its gonna be a good day!

Honestly, I might just still be awake because I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, other than so soft snores and Bodhi kicking around every once in a while.

But now Jimmy is sleep talking, so time for bed I think. 😉 signing off for a few hours!

– Sleep Deprivation Dani

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