Mini Smart Socket Review

I received these for review and I have to tell you, I was super excited.


Ever been sitting with an almost sleeping baby at night and realized you forgot to turn off the light? I have.

Now I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get up and shut off the light or the TV without waking up a kid.

I hooked two of them up in the living room this morning – one to the TV and one to the lamp.

Now I can control both without having to get up and let me tell you, it’s so nice!

They are super easy to use (as long as you read instructions). You literally just plug it into the outlet, then plug whatever device you want into the smart plug, download an app, connect the smart plugs, hook it to Alexa and BAM – all done!


I’ve already enjoyed the convenience of having these, just in the few hours that I’ve had them set up.

I can’t wait to set up some more around the house, particularly the lamp and TV in our bedroom.

Here is the link if you want to check these out for yourself:

HUGOAI WiFi Smart Plug, Wifi Smart Outlet Wireless Socket 4 Packs, Compatible with Alexa &Google Home/IFTTT, Remote Control On/Off from Anywhere, No Hub Required

Price: $37.98 for 4 plugins

I’m definitely going to appreciate these when I’m half way up the stairs tonight and realize I left the living room light on.

“Alexa, turn off the light.”

Sweet. 😉

– Smart Plug Shopper

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