Color Changing Alarm Clock Review

I received the HAMSWAN Color Changing Alarm Clock for review. It features 7 Changing Colors – 8 Ringtones – One-Tap Control – Sleep Friendly with Indoor Tempature Display.


This alarm clock is super easy to set up and use. Even Ginni (3yrs) know how to turn the lights and music on and off.

Both the girls really enjoy it as it makes a great nightlight. We’ve used it the last two night and it was especially when I had to wake up with the four month old at 4am.

The light is soft enough that it doesn’t disturb but yet still bright enough to be able to use it to see in the dark.

This would’ve been especially helpful when I was pregnant and waking up 20x a night to use the bathroom, having to turn on the bright light, then struggling to go back to bed.

If you are interested, it goes for $11.99 and right now, they have a 10% off coupon that you can clip and apply to your purchase.

Here’s the link:

5 out of 5 in my book. Definitely great for kids!

– Mood Setting Momma

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