I’m currently dealing with this, so I wanted to write about it to maybe help others, whether you have anxiety yourself or not. Or if you don’t, but know someone who does.

Sometimes I feel like it’s such a taboo topic. Like I shouldn’t be talking about it. Like no one truly understands.

It’s a debilitating mental health illness, but no, I’m not sick. I’m not broken. I’m not contagious.

Don’t treat me as such.

It’s so easy for people who have never experienced to tell you to calm down, get over it.

It’s not that easy.

Today, my anxiety is off the chart. Full blown and I have no way to fix it. It negatively impacts my life more than people would ever know.

My mind is going a million miles an hour and I constantly feel like I should be doing something, like I’m forgetting something important.

I have a very short fuse when I’m having anxiety and I tend to fly off the handle at everyone around me.

It’s not fun for them, and its not fun for me.

Then all the sudden I’m worrying. That anything that could possibly go wrong, will.

I, very much, wish everyone understood this illness, without them having to actually deal with it, because people that struggle with anxiety, tend to sympathize with others that struggle just the same. People that have never dealt with anxiety, tend to not fully understand what we go through.

So, if your someone that doesn’t struggle with it, but you have someone in you life that does, maybe take a few extra minutes to try to understand what they are going through. Also, maybe not take things to heart if they are having issues.

Personally, I tend to shout, retreat, shut down, accuse.. and I do this to the ones that I’m closest to. My family. Do they deserve it? Absolutely not. Can I help it? Not typically.

If I’m freaking out, if I don’t do something I should because of my anxiety, don’t get mad, that only makes things worse.

If my anxiety is causing me to get upset and/or yell, don’t get mad, just allow me to walk away from the current situation.

My point is, it’s extremely hard to control. Although I definitely can’t speak for everyone suffering from anxiety, anxiety attacks, and panic attacks, this is just my personal perspective on things.

I’ve debated several times about deleting this whole post, but I’m not going to. Even if it helps just one person, I’m okay with that. Or no one. I’m okay with that too, because I said what I wanted to say.:)

– Not Deleting It Dani 😉

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