Hoodie Sweatshirt Review

I received this hoodie for review and as soon as I tried to put it on I was instantly disappointed.

IMG_20180722_135924_190 (2)

I could tell just from trying to stick my arms in, that it was too small.

So apparently, they run super small.

I had ordered a large just to make sure it would fit and it most definitely does not.

After I managed to squeeze into it, I realized not only was it super tight, but it was short too. Like if I reached up, my belly would be hanging out.

Also, there is a bunch of extra fabric on the inside where the colors meet. I know it wouldn’t bother me if I had a long sleeve shirt on underneath, but with a short sleeve underneath, it was rather annoying.

However, I do love the colors and the cowl neck. The material isn’t super thin either, which is nice.


I guess overall I do like the sweatshirt, just really bummed that it’s too small.

If you purchase, I suggest ordering a size or two up.

Here’s the link:


Star rating: 3 out of 5

– Sweatshirt Spaz

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