MP3 Player Review

Here we go again y’all 😉

Ready to hear about my new MP3 Player? No? Too bad.

Brand name: HonTaseng

Feature of the MPS Player: Video, Radio, Picture, Record, E-Book, Steps, Bluetooth, and Folder.

Seems like this gem has it all! It also comes with a arm band, ear buds, and a USB cord.


One of my favorite features is that, while playing music, it displays the lyrics on the screen. I also love the Bluetooth feature, as I just recently purchased a pair of wireless headphones.


I was wanting to test out this MP3 player because it’s been I long time sinc I’ve had one. The last MP3 player I owned was an iPod Mini.. a pink one. Yeah, it’s been a while.

The player ended up being a lot smaller than what I anticipated, but it’s a bad thing. It would easily fit in any pocket.


These are running for $30.98 – Here’s the link for where you can find them:

So between the lyrics on the screen, the Bluetooth, and the size, I’m giving this two thumbs up.


Fantastic MP3 Player for a really descent price!

Check it out 🙂 Seriously.. run!

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