Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

The brand is ENACFIRE and these are awesome. Period.

I’m honestly not someone that is big into wireless earbuds. I have tiny ears so they tend not to fit very well, but these, these do. Not sure how, but they fit both my husband’s ears and mine perfectly.

The noise cancelling effect of these earbuds is impeccable.

The music is clear and perfect.

Like I said, outstanding. I love them. And my husband has already tried to claim them as his, ha!

I was looking to try them out because I’m not a fan and I wanted to see if these lived up to the expectation of “crap” that I had expected.

Definitely not. Changed my mind about earbuds (or at least these ones) all together.

The case they come in, is so compact, that you can easily carry it around in your pocket.

That’s also how they charge. They are magnetized to the case/charger.

They have 15 hours of play time and a built-in microphone that I haven’t had the chance to use yet.

Such a fun little gadget to have and I’m so glad I got to review these!

They run for $49.99 and here is the Amazon like:

Truly a fantastic product and I would recommend these for anyone that is looking for something like this.

Check them out!

-Earbuds Every Day šŸ™‚

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