Under the Influence at Treatment

I know about HIPPA and that we aren’t supposed to share outside of group, so I will keep names and such, anonymous.

I had my outpatient group. I went in early to have a one-on-one prior to my group starting. I found out we were having a pizza and movie day.

Although the movie was going to be educational I thought, Sweet – It’s gonna be a good day!

Man, was I wrong.

About a half hour into group, one of the outpatients finally shows up. They sit down and we are all going around saying how were doing. They were the last to go.

Talking about sober dates, they admitted they haven’t been sober at all.

Counselor asks when was the last time they used. Right before group was the answer. Next questions was, Are you high right now. Answer was, Yes.

But you guys… I just have to say, not one person from our group said anything rude or nasty. No one tried to put them down. Not a one person did or say anything negative. Everyone was extremely supportive although it was a huge, huge trigger for everyone.

They were asked to leave and all of us are left just reeling from what happened. So much so that we skipped getting pizza and just went outside to take a breather and smoke.

The person said they came to group high because they didn’t want to hear it from their parents about not being sober.

I’m sorry, but I just have to say, that is so incredibly selfish.

So just because you made the choice to continue using and you don’t want your family to know, you are going to go to a group and jeopardize no less than eight other people’s sobriety.

Seriously, what in the F.

But even with all that said, every one in the group was extremely supportive, although shaking with anxiety, and just trying to offer advice.

Never in my life have I see a group of people be so understanding of such a awful situation.

I’m so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life, to accompany me in group, and to help me on my way through sobriety.

Such a wonderful thing.


They had to call someone to pick up another outpatient member in our group because she was drunk.

Honestly, sometimes I think it would be easier staying at home with my kids than dealing with all the apparent triggers that come along with outpatient group.

Ugh, oh well. Another day in the bag for me.

❤ dani

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