Wireless Headphones Review

Got to test out the sweet pink wireless headphones.


Not only are they super cute, but they work well.

I’ve never owned wireless headphone, nor have I seen a need for something like the extremely expensive Beats by Dre, but these were a decent price so I want to give them a try.

Glad I did!


They’re very comfortable and like I said, quality sound.

When I first opened the packed I was surprised to see them folded. It’s actually super nice to be able to reduce the size of them and fit them into your bag better.


I really like how simple it is to use them. All I have to do is turn the Bluetooth on, on my phone, then turn the headphones on, and they link right up and away I go listening to my music.

I use them a lot at night, after the kids and my husband go to sleep, so I can listen to Enya to relax, without disturbing anyone.

I would most definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some wireless headphones without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

These will only cost you $22.99 and right now (which is subject to change) there is an additional 5% off.

Here’s the link:


All in all – great wireless headphones, awesome price, check them out!

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