Are Spinners Even a Thing Anymore?

I used to have 5 billion of them – probably still floating around the house somewhere.

The fad seemed to come and go fairly quickly.

Who still has theirs? Okay, now who still uses theirs?

Here are some that I’ve collected –




The light up ones are by far my favorite. I ended up giving one to the neighbor boy, and I lost the other one.

I also really like the (what looks to be) a dragon eye one. That one is my husbands.

I know I’ve collected some more pretty awesome ones, but in the shuffle of switching phones, I think I must’ve lost the videos/photos.

The latest one is the one I call The Big Bang. It’s the blue and sliver one. Just got that one today… yes, today. What can I say, it was free.

Lets hear about your favorites and collections – what does your favorite one look like? How many do you have? How many DID you have at one point? Where was your favorite place to purchase them?

Pretty sure all mine came from Amazon. (I love Amazon, ha!)

Share it up ladies and gents – Let’s make these spinner a thing again!

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