Laptop Desk

Soooo… this is a review, but I paid full price for this item.

I didn’t care, I really wanted it. 🙂

I’m not sorry about it.

This thing is my favorite.

It’s got air hole to keep your laptop from overheating. Built-in slots for your phone and tablet. Also, a built-in mouse pad.

It’s also heavy duty bamboo, nice quality, and weighs 4lbs.

Not kidding, this thing is flippin’ awesome, so I just had to share.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend it, if you are looking for a laptop/tablet desk.

This one was only $14.99 and you can find it here:

The brand is Sofia + Sam.

(This is what it specifically says on Amazon – Sofia + Sam Bamboo Laptop Lap Desk Board | Multi Tasking Bed Tray Board | Diamond Vent Holes | Lap Tray with Tablet Phone Slot & Mouse Pad | Serving Bed Tray)

Anyway, I just had to share, because it’s that awesome.

🙂 Dani

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