Steam Hair Straightener


This is the Beautlinks Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic with Auto Shut Off.

I’ve never even heard of a steam straightener so I was excited to try this out.

I had to read the instructions to figure out what exactly I needed to do.

I took the water well out to fill it and upon trying to put it back in, it turned into a pain in the ass. The cover for the well wouldn’t stay on because I couldn’t get the well pushed all the way back in properly.

(Eventually) After I figured that out, I was trying to figure out the steam portion of the straightener, which proved to also be a pain in the ass.

It took me the better part of 10-15 minutes for me to figure everything out just so I could do my hair.

Once I figured it out, it worked really nicely.


I would still recommend this product just because once you figure everything out, it’s a really nice straightener.

I found the steam to be really helpful with frizz and fly-aways. I’m anxious to see how well this will work in the winter as well, since that is when my static and frizz happen the most often.


I’d give this about a 4 out of 5. It’s a nice straightener, and who knows, my issues could of just been operator error. Ha!

This product runs for $33.99 and can be found here:

If your looking a Steam Straightener, I’d definitely give this one a go!

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