A- Z on Product Reviews

A – Always include the link to the product and the sellers brand hashtag
B – Background – Be aware of what is in the background of your photos/videos
C – Call it like you see it – if its crap, say its crap
D – Details
E – Every review counts – don’t get lazy
F – Follow any instruction a seller might give you
G – Give out the link on where to find it
H – Honest reaction when you opened the package
I – Invest time in what you are doing
J – Jump at any chance you get to review things
K – Kill it with your words – well written reviews are the best
L – Likes/Dislikes
M – Make sure you frequently check your review sites
N – Never stop – I’ve taken breaks from reviewing before and I’ve always kicked myself for doing so
O – Only post on Social Media – You can occasionally post reviews on Amazon, but if you post too many unverified reviews, they will wipe your account
P – Pictures, pictures, pictures
Q – uniQue pictures and descriptions
R – Recommend – Would you to friends, family, strangers?
S – Summarize your review
T – Tags – use hashtags so when people search for those things, your review pops up
U – Unusual ways you would use the product.
V – Video reviews
W – Why did you want to review the product
X – eXplain why you would/wouldn’t purchase the product again
Y – Your personal opinion – always.
Z – Zoo – This business is chaos. It’s a zoo. 🙂

Stick with these tip and you are well on your way to being a successful reviewer!

Good luck all 😉

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