Another Laptop Desk Review

Yet another awesome laptop desk!

Seriously, it took forever to get because the post office had sent it to the wrong place and I was so bummed, but it was way worth the wait.

It’s compact and super light, so great for travels. I’ve carried it up and down the stairs multiple times just so I can use it in the living room and my bedroom at night.

I can’t speak highly enough about this.

For real, if your looking for a laptop desk I would highly suggest this one.

It also allows for the mouse tray to be pulled out from either direction, so it doesn’t matter if you are right handed or left handed!



I think this will be my go-to desk for when I travel, just because of the size and weight.

So super nice.

Very easy for storage as well.

I could also see this being very nice for coffee shops, school, business trips, etc.

It runs for $19.99 and these is currently (subject to change at any time) 5% off coupon to clip on Amazon.

It can be found here:

And I would run if I were you 😉


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