My day so far..?

Let’s start out with the crying from the one year old and four month old as I tried to get them downstairs to start the day.

Then yelling from the three year old and one year old until I supplied them with juice and a fruit snack, followed by diaper changes for all and a bottle for the screaming four month old.

Finally, the little falls asleep.

The two oldest take this as a perfect opportunity to put blankets on their head and run around completely blind.

One year old runs into a box, trips, and falls head-first into it.


Three year old runs into the entertainment center.

I holler to quit.

Four month old wakes up.


Mom’s anxiety is on the rise.

Now the three year old pees all over her pajamas.


Change her and her clothes, into a brand new outfit we just got in the mail yesterday.

Anxiety is a little higher.

Fast forward an hour or so, baby is awake for the fourth time since being woken up by the doughhead blanket wearers.

He’s screaming bloody murder so I pick him.

Well by gosh, he s#!t out the top of his diaper. Everywhere.

Finally clean him up, fresh diaper, clean clothes. Good to go? He is, not the three year old.

Cheese and rice, the three year old managed to s#!t out her britches too, all over her brand new outfit.

Commence anxiety rising further.

Get that ding-a-ling cleaned up as well.

Three for three? One year old thought so.

Obviously at this point I’m ready to give up. Done adulting for the day.

Clean up the one year old, and Tinkerbell goes on the TV.

Don’t judge me.

Baby has a bottle and back to sleep he goes.

Mom’s thinking – Yes, a few moments of silence – Toddler is thinking – one last jab.

“Mom, you have a big belly. You’re fat! Mom, you’re FAT!”

Thanks kid, watch your movie and leave me alone for five minutes.

Y’all, this has been my day, and it’s not even 3pm CST.

I’m really looking forward to my outpatient group this evening.

….Also, I’m going to break my husband’s recliner. (See Video Below)

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