Wireless Charger Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was to try out a wireless charger. I’ve been wanting to forever and I finally got the chance too!

It is super nice to just be able to pick it up and walk away with it if you need to, without having to unplug anything, but I also found myself picking it up often and when I would set it back down, I would forget and not set it back down on the charger.

Also, I’ve found it takes longer to charge it. Could be because the charger is just slower, or maybe it’s because I won’t stop taking my phone off the charger.

Either way, it takes longer.

I do really like the wireless charger though. It’s nice that you don’t have to hook your phone up to anything.

When I first opened the package I was impressed and like I said, super excited to use it.

I actually plug the USB into my computer on occasion and charge my phone from there.

The charger has different color rings, so you know if your phone is actually charging or not. The blue ring means it changing, and if I remember correctly, the green ring means it’s plugged in, but not currently charging anything.

Here is some info about the charger that I got from Amazon:

✔ FAST CHARGING: You get fast charging with this Qi wireless charging pad. It charges your iPhone 20% Faster than 5W chargers and also compatible with other smartphones. See list of smartphones compatibility below
✔ CHARGE WITH CASE 5MM THICKNESS OR LESS: It can charge your phone with case that’s 5mm in thickness or less and when not charging with case, then you have to remove the case to charge. For charging to be perfect.
✔ POSITIONING: Ensure your phone is well placed at the center of the charging pad for faster, better and efficient charging. It is sleep friendly.
✔ FREE PHONE HOLDER AND PHONE STICKER INCLUDED: Included is free phone holder and phone sticker to mount your phone anywhere and anyplace whether in your car, on the wall, in kitchen or any other place you mount your phone for your own convenience. This is absolutely free and included in your package.
✔ 100% SATISFACTION AND WARRANTY: This comes with 18 months warranty and 100% satisfaction Input power: DC 5v 2A. Output: 5 v / 1-1.5 – A Charging current: 1200 mA Transmission distance: 5mm.

This one runs for $14.99 (all prices are subject to change) and can be found here:


All and all, I really, really like this wireless charger, I just need to remember to leave my phone alone while it’s charging.

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