Miskos Eyeshadow Review


Because who doesn’t love eyeshadow?!

Actually, for whoever knows me, you know I’m not big into make-up.

I wanted to give these a go for that exact reason.

Why not try them out, right?

These are super cool. I love the different shades. Not too wild for someone like me, who rarely wears make up.


The one pallet is a Naked Matte pallet and the other is a Shimmer Glitter pallet.

Both are incredibly pretty.

What I was expecting is exactly what I got, so I’m extremely happy about that.

Honestly, (and I’m seriously not just saying this because this is a review), I would try them out if you’re looking for some new eyeshadow.

It’s only $13.99 for both pallets!

Check it out here:


Again, if you are looking for new, subtle colors, I strongly suggest these pallets!

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