50 Activities to do with Toddlers

If you’re kids are anything like mine, they get bored, and then start acting up.

So I’m compiling a list of stuff that we can do with our toddlers to keep them not only busy, but behaving, as well.

Fairy Garden 2

1. Make a Fairy Garden – My three year old loves Tinkerbell so this would be a perfect activity to do with her and my one year old. Don’t forget the glittery pixie dust!

2. Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.

3. Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt, where you have to find something that starts with every letter.

3. Have a picnic at a state park.

4. Make homemade pizza.

5. Have a water balloon fight.

6. Visit the local library.

7. Make a sidewalk chalk mural.

8. Have an outdoor painting party using giant rolls of paper or cardboard.

9. Pretend to be pirates for a day—dress up in costumes, plan a treasure hunt and talk like a pirate.

>Painted Rocks

10. Collect rocks and paint them to use as paperweights or pet rocks.

11. Visit a zoo or aquarium.

12. Run through the sprinklers.

13. Visit an animal shelter.

14. Pick a nearby town to visit for the day

15. Build things using toothpicks and mini marshmallows.

16. Have a tea party.

17. Let kids paint each other with washable tempera paint, then wash it off in the sprinklers.

18. Take a free kid’s workshop at stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot or Pottery Barn.

19. Play with bubbles.

Mini Golf

20. Go mini golfing.

21. Make a fort.

22. Play playdoh.

23. Play Hot Lava with pillows and couch cushions.

24. Make a pretend car wash.

25. Play hide and seek.

26. Make paper air planes and fly them.

27. Wrap toys in newspaper and let them unwrap them.

28. Toss balls into a laundry basket.

29. Make mud pies in the dirt.

Feed Ducks

30. Feed the ducks.

31. Collect rocks.

32. Play in a kiddie pool.

33. Fly a kite.

34. Play in the fresh snow.

35. Play with waterbeads.

36. Water the flowers.

37. Read books together.

38. Have a dance party.

39. Bake cookies.

Handprint Art

40. Handprint art.

41. Go through their toys and sort into Keep – Donate – Trash piles.

42. Make a toy box out of a cardboard box – don’t forget to decorate it!

43. Bowl indoors – use whatever you have available to create a bowling set.

44. Tape lines to the floor in different ways and have your toddler follow them.


45. One word – Trampoline. Let the kids jump off some energy.

46. Play dress up.

47. Go for a walk.

48. Dance Party! – Put on music and go crazy.

49. Visit a museum.

Face Painting

50. Face painting.

Create a bucket list for the year including these things and go do them!

Phone down, off the computer, go, go, go!


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