Diaper Bag Backpack Review

Another Diaper Bag Backpack!

First off, let’s talk pattern.

How flippin’ cute is this lemon pattern?! It is so super adorable!

Along with this inside pattern:


Both patterns are just so super cute, I absolutely love it.

Apparently so does my mom, because she trying to steal my bag.

And I know this bag is deemed a “diaper bag” but I’m actually currently using it as a book bag.

It’s big enough to fit not only four books, a journal, plus a laptop case that’s filled with my laptop, mouse, and cords – and it still zips up easily.

The top of the bag has thick wires in it so it helps to keep the top shaped as well as open, when you need it too.


It also has two side pockets which fits my phone in one and a water bottle in another, and the front pocket it handy for all the odds and ends you might need to store.


Overall, awesome, awesome bag and definitely worth the money!

These will run you $34.99 (price is subject to change) and you can find them at the following link:


Such a great, multi-versatile bag!

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