Portable DVD Player Review

My kids have already claimed this as their own, which is good, because that’s really why I wanted to get it and try it out.

I got tired of the kids nagging to put on Wonder Pets during the day, because let’s face it, definitely not something I want to listen too on repeat.

Now they can watch it quietly (or with headphone on) on the portable DVD player.

I know this will be absolutely awesome for road trip and the like.

It’s user friendly, whether you’re using the buttons on the actual player or if you’re using it on remote.

And speaking of that, this comes with a flippin’ remote!


The DVD player also swivels and folds, so once you turn a movie on, you can swivel the top 180 degrees, then fold it down so it turns into something like a tablet.

This specific Portable DVD Player will run you $45.99 and can be found here:



Like I said, the girls are so in love with this, I’m so glad I got it.


I would definitely recommend this, not just for at home, but for anyone looking for something similar for use in the vehicle.

It, personally for me, has solved a lot of things that we’ve been dealing with.

For the girls to have their own “Little TV” had been absolutely great.

Two thumbs up, check it out!

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