Halloween Costumes – Singles. Couples. Groups. Kids.

With October fast approaching, it’ll be Halloween before we know it!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I can’t wait to take my three year old and one year old out to collect some yummy candy (that yes, I will eat most of).

I’ve complied a list of costumes for singles, couples, groups and kiddos:


1. Where’s Waldo
Single Wheres Waldo

2. Child’s Play – Chucky
Single Chucky

3. THe Hunger Games – Katniss
Single Katniss

4. Little Mermaid – Ursala
Single Ursala

5. Inside Out – Anger
Single Anger

6. The Smurfs – Smurfette
Single Smurfette

7. Caveman
Single Caveman

8. Orange is the New Black – Inmate
Single OITNB

9. Futurama – Fry
Single Fry

10. Harry Potter
Single Harry Potter

11. Family Guy – Stewie
Singles Stewie

12. Monsters Inc. – Sully
Single Sully


1. Indian Couple
Couples Indians

2. Mario and Luigi Couple
Couples Mario and Luigi

3. Egyptian Couple
Couples Egypt

4. Safari Couple
Couples Safari

5. USB Couple
Couple USB

6. PB & J Couple
Couple PBJ

7. Toy Story – Jessie and Woody Couple
Couple Jessie and Woody

8. Captain and Coke Couple
Couple Captain and Coke

9. Monkey and Banana Couple
Couple Monkey and Banana

10. SWAT Couple
Couple SWAT

11. Nerds Couple
Couple Nerds

12. Ham and Cheese Couple
Couple Ham and Cheese


1. Sushi
Group Sushi

2. Ninja Turtle
group Ninja Turtles

3. Alice in Wonderland
Group Alice in Wonderland

4. Candy
Group Candy

5. Inside Out
Group Inside Out

6. Dodgeball
Group Dodgeball

7. Pokemon
Group Pokemon


9. Hocus Pocus
Group Hocus Pocus

10. Toy Soldiers
Group Toy Soliders

11. Power Rangers
Group Power Rangers

12. Minions
Group Minions


1. Ace Ventura
Kids Ace Ventura

2. Bret Michaels
Kid Bret Michaels

3. Scarecrow
Kid Scary Scarcrow

4. Bat
Kid Bat

5. Gnome
Kids Gnome

6. Raggedy Anne
Kids Raggity Anne

7. Dopey
Kids Dopey

8. Doc McStuffins
Kid Doc McStuffins

9. Gymnast
Kids Gymnast

10. Chef
Kids Chef

Kids Dinosaur

12. Avatar
Kids Avatar


Happy (Almost. So Close.) Halloween!





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