Because, Fall.


Fall is my favorite season.

It’s my favorite time of the year.

I love the weather.

I love the colors.

I love picking up leaves to press in books.

Fall Pumpkin

I love pumpkins.

I love apple picking.

I love bonfires.

I love hayrides.

I love haunted everything.

fall pie

I love pumpkin pie.

I love trick ‘r’ treating.

I love the smell of Fall.

I love sweatshirts.

I love cozy boots.

fall blankets

I love blankets.

I love pumpkin spice everything.

I love leaf piles.





Things To Do This Fall

. Take your family Christmas card photo.

fall baked apples

. Make baked apples.

. Make a Giving Thanks tree.

. Have breakfast in bed.

. Indoor Camping.

. Watch the geese fly South.

. Make a scarecrow.

fall bonfire

. Have a bonfire.

. Take a flashlight walk through your neighborhood.

. Have a pumpkin spice latte.

. Go for a hike.

. Make Thanksgiving Day cards.

. Make a pumpkin pie.

Fall Kite

. Fly a kite.

. Pick pine cones.

. Bake cookies.

. Gone for a long drive.

. Plan a winter vacation.

. Rake up and jump in a pile of leaves.

Fall park

. Take a walk through a local park.

. Go antiquing.

. Read a good book.

. Drink hot apple cider.

. Go to a craft show.

. Dig out your cozy boots.

. Wear your favorite sweaters.

Fall Outside Blanket

. Cuddle up in a blanket outside.

. Breathe. Smell Fall.

. Watch football.

. Make candy/caramel apples.

. Candy corn.

. Make Halloween costumes (or purchase them).

Fall Trick R Treat

. Go trick ‘r’ treating.

. Roast pumpkin seeds.

. Go on a hayride.

. Visit a pumpkin patch.

. Go to a haunted house or haunted hayride.

. Visit a Farmer’s Market.

fall apple pie

. Make an apple pie.

. Make soup from scratch.

. Play Ghost in The Graveyard.

. Make popcorn balls.

. Have a horror movie marathon.

. Plant Fall flowers.

. Go leaf-peeping.

fall tailgate.PNG

. Tailgate.

. Make a Fall flower arrangement.

. Decorate outside with your Fall décor.

. Make crafts with fallen leaves.

. Open the windows and let the Fall air in.

. Knit a scarf.

. Visit a local candle shop.

fall pumpkin bread

. Make pumpkin bread.

. Go on a spooky graveyard tour.

. Stay in a B&B.

. Bake a squash.

. Go for a weekend getaway in the mountains.

. Paint/decorate pumpkins.

. Have a Fall canning party.

Fall foggy morning

. Go for a walk on a foggy morning.

. Create a Fall Bucket list (or just use this one!)










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