Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

I haven’t owned a scale in over five years. Yes, you heard me right, five years.

So naturally I would jump at the chance to have one, and what did I end up with?

I get the Cadillac of scales that is equipped with Bluetooth and connected to an App on your phone.

Screenshot_20180813-100809_Zoetouch Scale 10

This scale is pretty flippin’ sweet.


I was able to connect it to my phone and I’m starting to realize it will be great encouragement to start to lose some weight.

After three kids, I’ve gained more than I care to share.

So I’m sure excited to have this scale handy now to help track my weight loss as well as help give me the motivation to continue.

When I first opened the box for this, my first thought was “This is awesome. Let’s weigh everyone in the house!”

And I did.

Believe it or not, my three year old is obsessed with the scale. She loves to see the numbers pop up when she stands on it.

There is truly so much to love about this scale that I really have nothing bad to say.

The only thing is that the App initially proved a little difficult to set up, although I’m not 100% positive that wasn’t just user error (because I’m quite the dough head sometimes).

This scale very reasonably priced at only $23.99 and can be found here:

This scale gets and A+ in my book.

Can’t tell you how excited I am to have this!





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