Felt Letter Board Review

Seriously, who doesn’t love a felt board.

These have become all the rage lately and it’s not a wonder why.

Since receiving, I’ve become obsessed with this board.

This is a 10″ x 10″ board and it comes with 5 billion little letters (kidding, it’s actually 580) and two cute little bags to store them all in.

Real talk though, punching out all those letters was a giant pain in the ass.

But this board is so much fun regardless, I find a saying, pick out all the letters, and then put it up.


Some tidbits about this board include:

✅ PERFECT FOR EVERY USE: Whether you want to start off your day with an inspirational saying, express yourself with a book quote or song lyric, leave your loved ones messages, or create the perfect decoration for your home and office, this felt letter board is exactly what you need! Place it in your bedroom or living room, advertise your business or welcome your guests with a warm message and impress everyone!

✅ WITH ALL THE LETTERS YOU NEED: With each felt board you will get 2 letter sets of 2 sizes so you can write anything you want and customize your message in the best way possible! In the set you will find 290 1 inch white characters, including numbers and symbols, and 290 3/4 inch white characters. So go ahead and write anything you want, there are enough letters for any combination!

✅ WITH A UNIQUE STAND: The square letter board comes with a convenient and absolutely stylish stand so you can place it anywhere you want! Place the board on the floor near the door, on any table or shelf, or even in your yard to welcome your guests to your party. The stand makes the letter board the perfect sign for your store window to write your special offers and let the world know!

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The felt letter board is made with the best quality materials and with special attention to detail so you can enjoy incredible results and maximum performance. The board is very durable and the stand is very strong and stable for best results every time.

✅ WITH EXTRA STORING BAGS: No need to worry about finding a place to store your letters in! Each felt letter board comes with 2 high quality cotton bags so you can store and organize your letters and never lose them. Sort the letters by size, or separate numbers and symbols from alphabet characters, so you can write your messages easy and fast.

There are so many Pros to this board, with no Cons (unless you consider have to punch out the letters a con.)

This specific board will only cost you $19.90 and can be found here:


(Although it is currently unavailable)

If you can, this board is well worth the wait!

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