I should’ve known…

..that when I woke up at 5:30am for no reason, that this day wasn’t going to go well.

Right on.

First I wake up before the buttcrack of dawn. Why? Who in creation knows.

Turn on Jaws 3, because I know I’m not going to watch it and just need some background noise, and get on my laptop to finish up my blog post on my dream home (you know, the previous blog post, the one you probably haven’t read yet but might now just because I mentioned it.)

7am rolls around and Bodes wakes up to eat and hang out.

Shortly after, Charli wakes up. She starts her day out by falling in her crib and smacking her face on the bars.

-Red Flag #2-

So we hang out watching TV until Ginni decides to wake up.

Mind you, I have no clue when she went to bed because I went to bed before her. And at some point she ended up in our bed, which I think she’s done every night since I got home from the hospital.

Doesn’t bother me until I get kick in the spleen… or the head. Until she’s taking over my pillow or hogging the covers.

Once she wakes up, we finally get ready to head downstairs.

No big. Other than Charli hitting her head, the first few hours of the day have gone okay.

Now were downstairs and Bodhi’s screaming.

Food, diapers, etc.

Everyone is quiet… for the moment.

Now it’s almost noon… Charli bites Ginni.


No blood, that’s good.

But they woke up Bodhi, so he’s screaming. Ginni is screaming from being bit. Charli is yelling at me cause I swatted her butt for biting her sister.

Holy Hannah.

Everyone, calm down.

Take a nap Charli. She does.

While she’s sleeping, I tell Ginni she can play make-up. She’s normally really good with it so I don’t worry.

Apparently the glitter eyeshadow was too much for her.

Glitter everywhere.

And cue anxiety.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.




Seriously, if you can make it through the anxiety, these kids can be good humor after the fact.

I snap sometimes, as any normal human being would, but I’m trying my best to remember they’re just little kids and to breath.

But I’m currently getting juice cups shoved in my face so I’m gonna wrap up.

I’ll post a follow up later, being that I’m sure there will be more eventful things to happen, especially because their 10 year old brother is coming to join us later, which normally he wouldn’t come till tomorrow.

Ttyl, Brb, g2g… Bahahaha, it’s like I’m 13 all over again!

Oh, and cue meltdown number 4,639 — I’m not moving fast enough to get the juice.

One thought on “I should’ve known…

  1. Ginni’s sleeping habits remind me of someone else’s. Any idea as to whom I’m talking about? Anyway relax honey….you’ve got a long way to go with the upbringing. Get used to the crying. It will change with there age. Yay! I learned to tone it out. Tough sometimes but doable. Logan was terrible for his impatience with food. Both of them for not being able to rewind the vcr movie they were watching.

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