Facts and Nonsense.


I’m twenty-seven years old.
I have three children.
My husband makes four.
I have two step children, so six.

I love horror movies.
Kid’s movies (Disney mostly) are second, and not just because I have kids.

Halloween is my favorite holiday (obviously).
Christmas is a close second, because I love to see my kids’ reactions on Christmas morning.

I have slight OCD.
I have depression.
I have severe anxiety.
I am an alcoholic.

I’m addicted to online shopping.
I rarely pay full price for anything.
Reviewing has because a way of life for myself and my family.

I watch my email like a hawk, waiting to be approved for deals or to get offers for things.

Right now I spend a lot of time online, whether it’s on my computer or my phone, trying to keep myself busi(er) so I don’t think about alcohol and cigarettes.

Blogging has become a new obsession for me.

I almost never eat till after lunch time/dinner.
This means I occasionally forget to feed my kids till they pipe up and tell me they’re hungry. (Mom guilt for that one)

The North Shore is my absolute favorite place ever.

Some day I would like to live in a different state, preferably with mountains.

I’ve been a Stay at Home Mom for over three years, but have worked from home twice within that time frame.
The last time I worked however was June of 2017.

I stopped going to high school after 11th grade.
I did online schooling.
I went to an alternative school to complete high school.
I graduated when I was just shy of my 21st birthday, but I got my High School Diploma, dated back to the year I was supposed to graduate.

I still own clothes and shoes that I wore in high school.
While the clothes don’t 100% fit, the shoes do.

I’m going to lose weight – seriously – just have to put this down.
I have baby weight from all my kids and I need to push myself to lose it.
I’m scared to get on a scale, always.

My kids are giant klutzes.
Yes, they get it from me.

One of my favorite things to eat is pretzel sticks dipped in frosting.
(Terrible, I know)
I also love hominy.
Don’t know what that is? Google it.

Coffee is Life.
I, for real, could not survive a day in the life of Danielle without coffee.

All of our kids have co-slept.
The three year old still tries.
So my husband and I end up sharing our king size bed with no less than two children.
They all still sleep in our room though. (Crib, Twin Bed, Our Bed)

We rent.
We have an amazing landlord and it will be hard to leave.
We have made some awesome friends by getting to know our neighbors.

We strongly believe in our right to defend our home.
Don’t even try to come in, uninvited, with ill intentions.

I have Facebook messenger.
Don’t try to randomly talk to me if you don’t know me.
If you can’t say it to me in front of other people, I don’t need to hear it.
Don’t try calling me on messenger.
That’s just annoying and I will never answer the call.
Don’t wave and don’t poke.
Again, just annoying and I will not respond.
These are the top ways to annoy me via Facebook.
Please just don’t do them.

I have a thing for lamps which I’m positive is because I hate overhead lights.
Actually, I just have a thing for home decor.

I love antiquing.
And furniture.
Antique furniture is the best.

I love long car rides to fun places.
I love the anticipation.
I love my kids staying in one spot for an extended period of time.
I love the time to think.
I love the time to be able to do whatever (well, almost) I want.

Again, I love blogging.
I’m so thankful to be able to do this.
I will continue doing this.

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