Variety Stickers Review

I wanted these stickers cause well, let’s face it, what one year old and three year old don’t love stickers.

You know, running around sticking the to all the sh!t you shouldn’t.

The furniture, the linoleum, the carpet, your brother’s forehead…

The designs are super cute and the girls really like them.

I kept a few packs stashed away for myself, and gave them two of them:

They’ve had a blast playing with them, and let me too you, they stick GREAT.

The furniture and walls are covered in Molang and Macaroons.

A few years may have been shed pulling sticker off skin (equivalent of a bandaid).

They sticker I kept are super cute as well:

The best is is there is multiple, multiple, sheets in each pack which, IMO, makes the price well worth it!

Even so, these will only run you $11.99 of all and can be found here:

So fellow parents, cheers to peeling stickers off everything!

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