Sidetracked During Sobriety

So I’ve gotten extremely off track lately, and it’s driving me nuts.

BUT, I’m still sober – 53 days and counting.

I had to quit my outpatient group, but cause it was starting to do more harm than good in terms of keeping triggers at bay.

I understand it will happen and there is really no way to avoid it, but when I have more triggers at group than I do at home, I’m just not going to put myself in that situation.

So when I stopped group, I basically stopped everything.

But I refuse to fall back down that hole, so here I am, getting back on track.

First comes first – Language of Letting Go reading –

“August 22nd – Be grateful for your families

I walked into the kitchen at the Blue Sky Lodge one afternoon. I looked around at my friends. “I feel really blessed,” I said. “You know we’re more like family than friends.” They agreed. My house is full of friendship, and at the risk of sounding mushy, it’s full of love. There’s almost always someone home to take care of the place, though we do forget to take the trash out from time to time. I’ve learned and laughed with my housemates, and I hope that they have learned from me as well Are you grateful for the people you live with? Or if you live alone, are you grateful for your friends? Someone once told me that the great thing about being independent is that we get to choose out families. Be thankful for your family today, whether it’s the one that you were born with or the one that you’ve chosen.

Our families are a gift.”

-Melody Beattie

This really it home because right now, more often than not, my living situation tends to be a battle, a lot of complaining, and no one seems to appreciate the other.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty much to be expected with you have a family of five, the three kids being all under three, and a parent with two small dogs, all crammed into a townhouse that realistically isn’t even being enough for a family of five.

But you have to take it with a grain of salt and just be thankful you have a roof over your head.


Next up for me is some of my mindfulness workbook – and exercising.

I need to keep my mind on track, but I also need to feel better about myself.

Hand in hand.

So I’m gonna wrap this up here, go fill my coffee cup, work on my workbook some, then workout.

Cheers (minus the beers) to that!

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