So I did this thing…


The haircut conversation got the better of me and I decided to go on Pinterest and like up how to DIY hair cuts.

That’s right, I’m that person.

The one that you watch and go “What a f*cking moron.”

So yep, this happened.

Does it look good? Not really.

Is it terrible? No.

Does it need to be fixed? Definitely.

Would I still go out in public? Yeah.

So it’s a little choppy, but not terrible.

I’m sure any hairdresser would disagree.

But you know what, I’ve seen worse.

Realistically I should’ve waited and had it done professionally.

But I didn’t for two reasons –

1. We dont have the money


2. I’m literally (and obviously) just way too impatient.

Anyway, I’m not hating myself for what I did so oh well.

Just figured I’d share my dumbass attack of the day.

Also (while I don’t advise that you do this), here is the link to the how-to I used to snippity snip my ridiculously long locks.

And please note: I was only with going short for my hair, so I knew not to cut it too short because if I screwed up it could be fixed, hense. I do not advise you to also do this.







One thought on “So I did this thing…

  1. Dear Nellie!
    You have such a nice hair! I really like it.
    Stay chill, I used to do the same thing, you are not the only one.
    My problem was that I cut my bangs so high that my forehead looked huge, and I have curly hair… !
    So, keep calm everything is going to be okay!
    Thank you for following me and by the way you have a very nice family!


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