Lace Cobweb Fireplace Décor Review



If you’ve been reading, you know that my favorite holiday is Halloween.

So naturally I had to have this Lace Cobweb Fireplace décor and Bat decals.


Yes, I have up the Cobweb (And the purple spider light will come in a different product review). I put it up for the reviews and it just got left up, ha!

It’s super cute and nice quality. Goes great with the lights and pumpkins.. just sayin’.


The 4-1-1:

  • ✔ An easy way to dress up the mantle and add an extra touch of creepiness for Halloween, Thanksgiving or other Themed Parties.
  • ✔ Length – 96inch, width – 18inch. Black lace spider webbing design, made of strong material that doesn’t wrinkle, durable and elegant.
  • ✔ Display not only on mantle, but other shelves, or over curtains. It also work nicely as a table runner.
  • ✔ The fireplace scarf can work together with creepy candles, little spiders or other accessories for a spookier effect.
  • ✔ You’ll get 1* Cobweb Fireplace Scarf and 12* Bats Wall Decal Stickers which make you get in the Halloween spirit soon!

I can’t wait for it to get closer to Halloween so I can put up the decals and get all my other Halloween stuff out!

I’m also positive the stuff on the fireplace mantel will stay there until after Halloween now. Might as well, almost September, right?!

I’ve never had much for Halloween décor – I know, I know – how do you not have décor for you favorite holiday?

Just never was big into decorating for any holiday.

Now we have kids so it’s more fun to decorate being that they get a kick out of it.

Anyway, back on track here – I really like this lace cobweb and bat decals!

It will only cost you $8.99 for this goodness (purple spider lights not included).

Check it out here:

Hooray for Halloween!


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