Purple Spider Lights Review


I did the one review, so might as well do the other, being that the pictures and videos are kind of one in the same.

So, obviously, these lights are super duper cute. My kids love them and really won’t leave them alone.

They’re rubber so they’re kind of squishy.

Let me grab the details on these..


HALLOWEEN MOOD — Soft rubber spiders give off a lovely spooky purple glow at night and add a cool touch to the Halloween Events. It will be a nicer addition to use together with other Halloween stuff.
BATTERY OPERATED — The fairy lights require 3*AAA batteries, convenient for use outside or inside or anywhere there’s no outlet available. Easy to hang these spider lights on the wall, stairs, fireplace, or “HALLOWEEN” tree, etc.
WORTHY BUY — The set consists of 20 clear rubber spiders, each comes with an UV LED inside, on a 2m / 6.5ft. clear plastic cable which looks discreet.
3 FUNCTIONS IN 1 BUTTON — It has an on/ off switch to control and set the modes between steady on and flashing. Safe and energy-saving.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what else to say about these – they are pretty self explanatory.

There are great quality and I definitely suggest getting them if you like them.

These are only going to cost you $7.99 and I’ll drop the link below:


Also, here’s a video to better show you the product and the settings:

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