I’m sitting here, trying so hard to think of something that I can blog about. Does this ever happen to you?

It’s like, there is so much stuff, so many reviews I could write, and I’ve got nothing.

I’ve googled, I’ve been on Pinterest, I’m just.. I got nothing.

Writer’s block?

So instead I’m just going to babble on about nothing and anything.

Maybe I’ll tell you about my kids that have taken up ‘walking on the coffee table’ as a new hobby.

Maybe about my husband who has sucked me into a Fast and Furious marathon over the last few evenings.

My son, who is either teething, doesn’t like his new formula, or is just on a mission to drive me nuts with screaming.

Oh, better yet – the three year old.

We got her and our one year old some Dory and Nemo wall decals.

Figured it would be a fun little thing to have on the wall in their library corner… sure.

For all of an hour they were left on the wall, then my three year old peeled them off the wall, put them on her forearms and proceeded to play super heroes.

They’re all in the garbage now.

Like I’ve said, sticker (and clearly decals) don’t mix around here.

Then we’ve got my one year old, who just started saying everything.

Literally everything.

Her favorite word is Sh*t.

Her favorite phrase is Shut Up.


Clearly Mom and Dad need to start watching our mouths more.

Although our three year old is great at catching swear words,

“Don’t say that, it’s a bad word!”

Thanks, Potty Mouth Police.

Anyway, I’m sitting here as my three year old naps (yes, I said naps).

Can’t get her to stay awake but by gosh, when she wakes up, the kid will be up all night (we really should probably work on her sleep habits, don’t judge).

The one year old is bored out of her mind because her playmate is sleeping.

Baby boy is sleeping.

Should make for an interested bedtime/night.

My husband has on Furious 7 – Glad we’re almost done with these but bonus – The Fate of The Furious is next, last, and my favorite.

I should work in my mindfulness workbook some. I’m proud of myself for being close to finishing it. I can’t believe how much information I’ve gained.

Sorry, this is probably getting boring now, my incessant ramblings.

On to the next blog!

(If I can think of one)



If you’re reading this: Thank you.



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