Night Train

No such thing as too much Jason Aldean 🙂 ❤

Night Train by Jason Aldean

I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout you all day baby
Waitin’ on that sun to go down
Whatcha say I pick you up after work
Slide over we slip out to the outskirts of town
I got a blanket and a fifth of comfort
A little something to knock off the edge
It’s supposed to get a little cool tonight
Looks like I’m gonna have to hold you tight
Yeah . . .

About a mile off old mill road
That spot nobody knows
We park the truck and we take off runnin’
Hurry up girl I hear it comin’
Got a moon and a billion stars
Sound of steel and old boxcars
The thought of you is driving me insane
Come on baby, let’s go listen to the night train

Yeah, I hope it’s gonna be a long one
And if we’re lucky it’s movin’ slow
Wouldn’t mind if it lasted all night
Lyin’ next to you on that hillside
Let’s go . . .



Let’s go listen to the night train





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