Wine Sippy Cup Review

So we all know by now that despite the name, there will be no wine in my cup.


First off, I have to praise this company.

I received a broken cup, which I’m sure happened in transit, but nonetheless I contacted the company about the issue (mainly because the cup wouldn’t stay together with it being broke).

They responded promptly and immediately shipped out a new one to me.

Serious props to them for their amazing customer service.


Secondly, I’m so in love with the decal on this cup.

As a hunter myself, I can truly appreciate this.

Here’s the deets, according to Amazon:

  • A SPECIAL GIFT JUST FOR YOU… To let you know just how much we appreciate you, your purchase also includes a Travel Wine Bottle Opener for opening your wine on the go. Keep one in your car or travel bag. Lid Color Hot Pink.
  • HOLDS 10 OUNCES … AND READY TO GO! Our high-end Wine Glass Sippy Cup is perfect for taking your wine on the go. Great for camping, hiking, sitting by a fire, tailgating, picnicking, the beach, snowmobiling, the pool, boating or just hanging out with friends. Plus, the rubber seal lid keeps the wine in glass and the bugs out. The double wall BPA free acrylic is stain resistant including the lid, making clean up a breeze and stain free unlike other sippy cups with plastic lids that stain easy.
  • “THE PERFECT GIFT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS!” You can’t go wrong giving our Deluxe Wine Sippy Cup to the wine lovers in your life! Even if your partner doesn’t like to hunt they will love this wine glass. Give a thoughtful gift that’s bound to be a hit! Sealed between walls of the tumbler is our printed wrap-around design, which allows you still see the wine glass. The double wall acrylic keeps the glass and your hands dry, great for when it’s hot or cold outside.
  • MAKE ANY OCCASION A CELEBRATION! You can’t deny that wine always makes any occasion better. Now you can celebrate anytime, anywhere… Perfect for romantic dinners, beach proposals, and friends gathering around a fire! The slogan “Girls Hunt Too Only Prettier” doesn’t always mean “Deer”, yes there is a camo deer on the glass, but girls hunt for many things. They hunt for…great buys when shopping, a new purse, a special dress and yes that perfect dear…2 legged or 4 legged?
  • PREMIUM STRENGTH FOR WEATHER RESISTANCE! Keep your wine safe and secure from spilling or breaking, even when the wind picks up. If the glass is tipped over it will leak a little from the lid but you won’t lose your whole glass of wine and no broken glass! Our premium wine glass tumbler, wine sippy cup has a rubber seal to keep the lid tight and close-able sippy spout so the wine isn’t going anywhere till your ready to take a sip. It is easy to travel with, easy to use and will be a hit!

Such an adorable cup and I will most definitely put it to good use, maybe with some sparkling grape juice… or Mountain Dew. (To be honest, wine has never been my thing anyway).


These cups are currently on sale running for just $9.95 and can be found here:

So go, go! Check out this darrrling Adult WINE Sippy Cup!



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