Universal Cell Phone Lazy Bracket Review

Let’s face it, we’re all lazy sometimes, right?

This make being lazy, super duper easy.


I’ve actually been using this to make some hands-free videos, so not lazy at all 😉

The neck portion is cushioned so its not uncomfortable.


This is perfect no matter if you’re sitting, standing, walking, reclined, laying down, in the tub, on the way to the moon — okay, maybe not that, I got a little carried away.

Point is, this thing is awesome.

I’ve used it a ton, ton, ton, since receiving it.

My favorite part is that the bracket can be vertical or horizontal.

Makes it easy to switch back and forth from a text to watching a video.

Love it ❤

Here is some tidbits from Amazon:

  • WHY USE THIS: This bracket holder can protect your neck from getting cervical spondylopathy. There are thousands of different style of phone bracket stand, but none of them can solve this problem.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION: Our cell phone neck holder have multiple functions, you can apply it on desk, on the bike, one the bed, on the chair, on the car backseat(when travel outdoors), and other occasions.
  • FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: Our Bracket Stand is flexible designed and fully 360 degree adjustable
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION: Our neck phone holder is compatible with all cellphones and tablets from 4.5 inch to 7 inch width or length, from iphone to ipad.
  • PLUSH BAG: This bracket holder comes with plush bag, so it’s portable to take outside and used for Father’s Day Gift or other festival gift.


This little do-dad is going to cost you only $10.99 and can be found herrrr:



If you’ve ever thought of getting one of these, I would stongly suggest this one, only because I know this one works and is super comfortable. 🙂

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