Camp Chair Review

I really really wanted this camp chair because we were running low after breaking a few over the 4th of July a couple years ago (whoops!).

This one is actually super nice and comfortable, although a tad bit tippy.

I love the recline that it has – perfect to cuddle up in next to the fire.

It folds up nicely and fits in the bag well, which is a plus, because normally I really struggle to fit them in the stupid bag.

The side pocket is a perfect drink holder and the front pocket is great for a plethora of things.

Here’s some Amazon tidbits:

  • Compact and heavy duty Light weight Mountaineering folding camping chair. Easy to carry, good for camping or road trip. You can put it in the Car, RVs, Vans,or cart .
  • Comfy and deep seat. Ergonomic design for comfort seating. Feel much relax when you go fishing, camping, or watching soccer games etc.
  • Extra pocket at side panels, Easy access for Beers, Bottles ,Smart phones, Magazines, Kindle,or Ipad etc.
  • Cool mesh design helps to offer extra comfort in hot summer or beach site, this is very important for those who are easy to sweat.
  • Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair includes 1-year warranty with life time custom service, if you have any questions, pls feel free to contact with our custom service team. Thanks again to buy RORAIMA products.

I’m interested to see how well it will hold up to wear and tear from camping and I will update accordingly.

My little one tried to claim this, but sadly (for her), it’s mom’s chair.

One bummer (for my husband) is that the chairs max weight is 220lbs (I believe, if I remember correctly).

Good for me though, cause I don’t have to share it!

The chair also came with a tether so you can tie multiple chairs together, which is super handy.

All in all, I’m really digging this chair.

This chair is gonna run you $35.96 and can be found here:

So grab a chair, sit back, and relax!


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