Sleep Mask Review


These little gems came as a two pack (black and rose red), which turned out to be just perfect for my two eldest to take from me.

BUT, not before I had a chance to use it.

The face mask is super padded, which makes it extremely confortable.

The strap is Velcro and it fit nicely, even to my oddly shaped head.

It does a good job blocking out the light apart from at the bottom.

The bottom tends to fit a little loosely, which lets in light.

Here are some Amazon tidbits per the seller:

“About the product

1. Lightweight & Comfortable:Our eye mask for sleeping is made from high density memory foam that consists of bamboo and cotton, which allows your skin to breath throughout the night. The eye mask is soft and comfortable to wear, helps you get a restful sleep.
2. Light Blocking: The eye mask moulds around the contour of your face,nose and eyes in order to reduced light leaking in to a minimum.
3. 3D Deep Eye Cavities: The eye mask for sleeping features deep eye cavities so that your eye won’t touch the eye mask. The eye mask has concave eye pockets to keep the sleep mask away from your eyes, which means that you can use it while having your makeup perfectly intact.
4. High Quality:The eye mask for sleeping is proven to be anti-fade, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. CNC lathes are used in the operation to create a smooth and firm finish of the eye mask.Our eye mask have FDA certificate.
5. Adjustable Strap and Travel Pouch: The strap of the eye mask for sleeping is fully adjustable with a Velcro that allow you to achieve a perfect fit.The eyeshade can be a 10cm range which adjusts to 20cm. Easy to carry with travel pouch.”

These are $9.95 and right now have a $3 off coupon, bringing them down to only $6.95 for two! (Coupon is subject to expire at any time…. so hurry!)

Find them here:



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