100th Day Turned Crazy

So I was too tired to write this yesterday, my apologies. Today will have to suffice.

I hit 100 days for sobriety, y’all 🙂

But better yet, I’m about to tell you what I spent doing on my 100th day.

I got a job, through Kelly Services.

I’m going to be working from home for a company doing sales and customer service.

So yesterday, I had to drive 45 minutes to get there in order to fill out hiring paperwork and complete an orientation.

My mother and I decided it would be a good idea to take the kids with us, and this, folks, is where the shit show began.

So we had very little time to get the kids up, diapers, dressed, diaper bag packed with bottles, formula, diapers, water, juice cups, etc.

We’re taking the van – my mom puts our coffee cups on the hood of van, they fall off. Wave goodbye to my energy.

One of the van doors (the auto-open one) decided to not to work, so it was a complete fiasco to get two kids into their convertible seats, because the only sliding door working is blocked by the infant seat.

I literally climbed over my son in his infant seat, to buckle the two girls into their seats – losing shoes, pants, and juice cups in the process.

After all is said and done, were on our way – with 50 minutes to make the 45 minute trip.

Then guess what – road construction – in not only one town, but through two different towns, slowly me down from 65mph to 55mph

FML, right?

All through the second town, I’m not only dropped by 10mph due to the construction, but I’m stuck behind an oversize load.


After hitting about five billion stoplights, we make it – yes, I’m late.

I go to get out of the van, ask my mom to grab my wallet….

Don’t have it.

Second form of ID?

Don’t have that either.


I go in anyway, because I need to let them know, and I might as well after everything.

I was able to complete orientation but… I have to come back with two forms of ID.

So this is about 11am and we decide to do some quick shopping because I am in need of a desk for work, and I had till 5pm to get my ID to them.

First stop was McDonald’s for the kids since we had to skip breakfast, and the place was a flippin’ zoo.

After getting them food, it was on to the Salvation Army.

We pull into the parking lot (don’t worry, I stopped driving after I realized I didn’t have my license), and there is a big Halloween sign outside so I’m thinking – Great, they have holiday stuff right now!

We go to get them out – the littlest has poop. Change him in the back of the van while it starts pouring.

Now we’re scrambling to get all three kids inside.

Finally get in there and it is wall-to-wall Halloween.

Not a Salvation Army at all.

We decided to look around anyway because the kids are still in need of Halloween outfits.

The guy that works there decided to turn on the creepy scarecrow and scare the poop out of my children.

After they finished crying, he turned on a different one which ended up falling off the box it was sitting on, really making the kids scream.

Now I’m done with this place and it’s time to leave.

Back to the van with the broken door, trying to cram all the kids in, and come to find out dude literally scared the pee out of my one-year.

This kid is completely soaked and naturally, due to rushing out in the morning, we have no extra clothes.

Pants off, new diaper, blanket in the seat and one over the lap.

On to Goodwill we go.

After our jaunt through the madhouse that they call Goodwill, we get back to the car and get the kids in – after another diaper change and now wet pants from the eldest.

Can’t get the stroller to fold up to go back in the van.

Seriously, can’t catch a break.

Finally get the stroller folded up and away we go, back home.

Once back home, we dump off my mom and the kids, and my husband and I rush back with my ID.

Made it there in time, took all of five minutes and then we head back home.

Bonus – Free large White Chocolate Mocha for my birthday, curtesy of Caribou.

It was such a chaotic day, but in all reality, I’m not complaining.

It was quite humorous in the moment and still is.

I’m just thankful to even be here, for my crazy kids that create the chaos, and to make it to my 100th day of sobriety.

One day at a time and keep on truckin’.

Peace & Love ❤





4 thoughts on “100th Day Turned Crazy

  1. Ahhh the good old days. Went down to see your grandmother in Florida when you were 1 1/2. You were great all the way down until we had 45 minutes left. You decided to poop. Ever change a diaper in a air plane bathroom?


  2. These are the moments you will always cherish and remember!! Flippin’ great job on the 100 days sober!! It takes one very strong person to overcome this fight!


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