These are my messes.. I mean kids.

So this is going to be a pretty quick post, but I just wanted to share how my morning went..


Shortly after shutting the video off, Ginni started doing the snow angel thing in the mess.

This folks.. this is the chaotic life with three kids aged three and under.

And yes, I did clean it up, about forty-five times.

Then my husband came home and cleaned it up about ten more times.

Somewhere along the way, the kids managed to lose an entire ice cream bucket.

The damn thing literally vanished into thin air.

We looked high and low, in and out, can’t find the bucket anywhere.

Not a clue what they did with it.


I’m just glad it was the ice cream bucket instead of a juice or milk cup because yuck when you find those after they’ve been missing for a few days.

I just had to share this, because it was way too typical for my kids.

I’ll keep these types of videos going, because they happen frequently, and obviously (if you watched the video), I do tend to at least get a little bit of humor out of it.

Hope you did too 😉


One thought on “These are my messes.. I mean kids.

  1. Ah, the days are long gone of me dealing with little ones, yet I can certainly relate. Maybe the bucket is under a bed, in a closet, or behind a couch?? Haha, who knows?! Someday it will turn up…at least it wasn’t full of ice cream!


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