Meigo Toddler Dominos Review

Forgive me as I start back with my reviews. I have about six of them that are three months past due.

First up on this list is Toddler Dominos.

These are exceptional quality, very well made.

Normally with wooden things, I worry about rough edges and/or the potential for splinters but I didn’t have to worry about either with these.


Both my one year old and my three year old really like these, although they are a little young yet to actually grasp the concept on how to play a game with them.

Regardless, they like the pictures on them and like to build with them or what have you.


These can be found on Amazon for only $21.99 + currently a $3.00 off clip coupon (Price vaild at time of posting and is subject to change).

Here is the link:

I think these are worth the money, but maybe only once the child(ren) are at an age where they can also use them in an actual domino game.

This set of dominos for kids remind me of like a kids version of monopoly.

Same concept, but more entertaining for kids as it’s (quite obviously) geared more towards their age.


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