Hotels Etc. – Website Review

I got the opportunity to acquire a membership to a website called Hotels Etc.

hotels etc

They were established in 1996 and offer discounts on a variety of things such as hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacations, airfare, tickets, and much more!

I’ve navigated around the site somewhat, but I have a lot more exploring to do and can’t wait to start using some of the discounts.

I’m super excited because they seem to have a lot of hotels that participate around some of my favorite (spur of the moment) vacation spots.

They also have a spot to clip and print coupons, which has proven super helpful for food and even formula for our family!

It’s hard for me to put into words what all this site has to offer as there are so, so many discounts available.

There definitely is a fair amount of money to be saved off using this website though.

hotels etc savings

Find the website here:

I would say, it’s worth it to at least check out the website to see if it’s something you would get use out of.

As I said, we used it for groceries and formula, but also plan on using it for things like movies, restaurants, and hotels, because even though we don’t get out much, it’s nice to save some money when we do.

#hotelsetc #travel #discounts


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