Lasten Dual Tip Art Markers Review

Another one of my obsessions – pens and markers.

Which coincidently happens to also be an obsession of my three and two year olds as well, so trying to keep them from stealing them is next to impossible.

I like these dual tip markers for the fact that you essentially have 24 markers in 12.

They are great for paper, but I allowed my kids to use them on a canvas and they smeared horribly – and not only smeared, but months later, my 10 month old got ahold of the canvas, that my three year old had painted black with one of these markers, and his mouth turned black just by putting his face on the canvas.

So it’s safe to say these are definitely not meant for painting/coloring on a canvas.

The tip isn’t a super fine point and seems to fray easily, so if you are looking for precision, these probably wouldn’t be a good fit.

They have been great just for mindless freehand coloring or for my kids to use.

For what they are, I think they are a great value.

They on Amazon for only $11.99 plus a 6% off clip coupon (current price valid when posting. Pricing subject to change.)

Find them here:

There is probably a lot more I could do with these that I just haven’t figured out or explored yet, but I will continue using them!




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