Meigo Magnetic Building Blocks Review

First off, I want to start by saying that these can be extremely dangerous if used by children that they are not intended for, age wise.

I recently read an article about a little boy that was hospitalized due to ingesting some of the magnets that had come out of these types of building blocks.

We used to let all of our kids play with them, not thinking anything of it, until I read the article.

We now have removed them from the house, until our kids are old enough to play with them properly and not put them in their mouths. (So, not suitable for our 10 month old OR our (almost) two year old who still insists on putting everything in her mouth).

But back to the review –

This is a 51 piece set that includes 18 Square, 16 Triangle, 4 Long Triangle, 4 Diamond, 3 Castle Wall, 2 Trapezoid, 2 Semicircle, 2 Hexagon, 1 Storage Bag, and 1 Booklet.

Our three year old really, really likes to play with these building blocks – especially this set.

We have four or five of these sets, but she particularly liked this set because it came with door, window, and archway insets, so she was able to “make a castle”.

I do definitely recommend these, but like I said, make sure they are age appropriate.

MEIGO offers this 51 piece set for $27.99 and currently a $4.00 off clip coupon and a 70 piece set for $34.99. (Prices current at time of posting and are subject to change).

You can find them at the following link:

I can’t wait for my kids to get bigger so they can enjoy these without worry – also because I, myself, really like to play with them with them!



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