I need to try harder.

I keep falling down when it comes to my blogging.

I used to blog every day, or multiple times a day, and I just can’t seem to get back into like that.

It’s making me disappointed in myself.

I’ve blamed it on many things – to myself, in my mind.

I’m really really going to try harder to at least blog once a day.

Lately I’ve been so consumed with other things.

My son turned one last month and is now just as big of a terror as his older sisters.

And my two girls have only gotten sassier.

My whole day seems to be filled with throwing food at them and refereeing.

Oh, and insults, coming from the older two.

Yesterday my two year old was poking my side.

I said “Hey, that’s my fat!” She says “It’s a lot!”

I couldn’t help but laugh – I don’t take what they say to heart – it’s just humorous.

Any way, not sure what this post was for, other than maybe just for myself.

I’m gonna wrap it up here and plan for my next 🙂

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