I’ve come to the conclusion..

… that I’m just never going to be able to blog like I used to.

My kids are all just in a stage where it makes it impossible, apart from after they go to bed, but by then I’m so tired that I just go to sleep as well, or get hung up watching YouTube videos.

My four year old and two year old spend their days playing one minute and screaming at each other the next. My day is spent constantly referring them.

Since getting a new sectional, complete with ottoman, they’ve taken it upon themselves to constantly jump on them. They will push the ottoman into the middle of the room and jump back and forth from the ottoman to the sofa and back and back.

We’ve always had our couches pushed up again a wall as well, but now the sofa in the middle of the room so they also climb up and down the back of the couch.

Makes for a eventful day, complete with a lot of falls.

The youngest is now one and just started walking. His day is spent covering our floors with food and dumping buckets of toys out.

He also likes to copy his sister’s and take part in the fighting.

Life with three kids, y’all.

At this point, I couldn’t of picked a more accurate name for my blog.

The other day, as I’m busy picking up a giant mess for the seventh thousandth time, Charli (the two year old) comes to me —


Ignoring her as I’m in the cleaning zone.

“Mom! Mom!”

What Charli?

“I have a booger..”

That’s great, wipe it on something.

I laugh now, but it won’t be so funny when I find a crusty booger stuck to something important.

But anyway, in short, I’ve realized my lovely crotch goblins are the reason why I’m not blogging as much.

Too busy referring and sleeping.

I’m literally a walking zombie – or – a mombie.

Eventually some day I will have more time, that just isn’t right now, obviously.

I don’t know if people even really read my blog posts, but if you do, thank you!

If you want me to continue blogging, lemme know!

🙂 ❤

One thought on “I’ve come to the conclusion..

  1. Blogging helps me with every aspect of life. If it helps record fun, happy, sad, and eventful days, I think you should continue. It will serve as a great memory jogger, if nothing else. I enjoyed seeing the cute pics included in today’s post.


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