Screwdriver with Allen Keys

So another product sort of out of my comfort zone here 🧐

This is the Aosky Ratcheting Screwdriver with 6 bits and 8 Allen Keys.

I haven’t personally used it but my husband has, a lot actually.

He said it’s an amazing all-around tool to have.

Great for toys or other things around the house.

Not for heavy-duty use though.

Very nice to have in the junk drawer being that it’s an all-in-one tool.

Comes highly recommended by my husband!

You can find this on Amazon here:

Cost is $32.99 and right now they are offering an 8% off coupon code. (Prices are valid when posting. Pricing is subject to change.)

Some more information per the seller:
The Aosky ratcheting screwdriver features a three-position switch which enables clockwise and counter-clockwise ratcheting and locked positions. Advantages of the ratchet can adjust the positive and negative directions. In actual use, only need to slightly rotate the handle, which can be used to tighten or loosen the screw, improve work efficiency and save effort. It is especially suitable for high-intensity repeated screwing operations.
This ratcheting screwdriver features 6 interchangeable tips (Bits Include: 2 Philips bits, 2 Torx bits , 2 Slotted bits, with an internal bit storage system for easy access.)
The stubby design makes it ideal for tight or limited space areas.
Another feature of this product includes a durable bi-material comfort-grip making this screwdriver a must have on the jobsite or around the house.
This screwdriver is ideal for applications including car, toaster, video games, newer electronics and even your coffee machine all have them.

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