Top 10 of Our Favorite Kids Toys

(These are not paid promotions – just honest reviews of the products my kids love most!)


  1. Libay Kids Makeup Kit – 30pc Pretend Makeup Set

In our house, we’ve been through a handful of fake makeup sets. I’ve honestly found nothing that compares to this one. The carrying bag is adorable, and big enough to fit all the makeup, the headbands and hair ties are absolutely adorable. All the lids come off the lip/eye accessories and have “useable” wands. The lip stick twists up and down. Even the nail polish has a removable brush with real bristles.

Find it on Amazon HERE – Currently $15.99 with Prime Shipping

2. Crayola Model Magic

Model Magic is one of the best things I’ve come across. There is zero mess like you get with playdoh or slime. It doesn’t make your hands feel gross or dry them out. They have the option of colored model magic, but we like to get the white and add our own food coloring to it to make different colors. This has provided hours of endless fun with very minimal clean up.

Find the Model Magic pictured HERE – Currently priced at $14.48 with Prime Shipping

Find Bulk White Model Magic (75 individual packs) HERE – Currently priced at $33.17 with Prime Shipping

3. Melissa & Doug Doorbell House

This is a new toy in our house but my kids have been playing with it non-stop. At ages three, four, and almost six years old, it’s a blast for all of them. We did buy this second hand, but I would buy it all over again at full price knowing how much all my kids enjoy it. I can’t attest to how annoying the doorbells are, as the batteries in ours need to be replaced, but once we get some in ours, I will make sure to update this with the outcome.

Find it on Amazon HERE – Currently priced at $23.99 with Prime Shipping

4. Forever Balance Bike

I got three of these bikes for my kids for Christmas a couple years ago, in Yellow, Blue, and Orange and are obsessed with them. They play on them all summer long and in the winter, beg to bring them in the house. They have adjustable seats and handlebars which is nice, because they can grow with the kids. The seller states they are best for kids ages 18 months to 5 years, and I can say that is absolutely correct. My son has been using hit since about 18 months, and my almost six year old is just recently getting too big for it, as we’ve maxed out the height on her seat and handlebars and she’s still just getting too tall for it.

Seat adjusts from 13 inches to 18 inches and the handlebars adjust from 20 inches to 24 inches.

Overall, just an amazing balance bike that have helped all my kids tremendously.

This specific brand is currently sold out on Amazon but you can still find other brands of balance bikes HERE.

5. 5 Surprise Mini Brands

My kids are obsessed with Mini Brands. We all watch a lot of the opening videos of these so I decided we’d give them a try and I love them just as much as my kids do. They have always loved the blind bags, but this is twice as fun, because you get miniature grocery items. I will say this though – my three year old tries to open every box and wrecks a majority of them while opening them. I’ve had to completely tape the boxes so he can’t wreck them (or wreck them any more than he already has). So while he still enjoys them, I would say this is more a 5+ aged toy.

They currently run about $6.99/each at Target and Walmart.

Amazon currently has a 3-pack for $19.97 with Prime Shipping – found HERE.

There is also a 5 Surprise Mini Brands TOYS, which we haven’t tried yet.

They also run for the same $6.99/each price at Target and Walmart.

The 2-pack of those can also be found on Amazon for $13.99 with Prime Shipping – found HERE.

6. BunMo Glow in the Dark Stretchy Strings

Most amazing, weirdest, fantastic things ever. I never thought we would like these as much as we do, but they are so cool. There is nothing specific to really do with them, but you still find yourself just messing around with them when holding them. I’m a person that always has to be doing something with my hands and I’ve found these to be a big help. My kids enjoy them, as do my husband and I. They are all that great at the “glow in the dark” part, but fun none-the-less. A fun, cheap fidget toy for everyone.

Find them on Amazon HERE – Currently $5.99 with Prime Shipping.

7. Perfect Petzzz

We ordered this for my mom, because we recently lost our Yorkie who was 14 years old. She was my dog, but when we moved my mom kept her because we couldn’t have pets at our new apartment. Hard thing for any pet owner to go through, but particularly hard for my mom because she had been caring for her for 6 years and also recently lost another of her dogs a year prior. We got her this to help comfort her and when it arrived my kids instantly fell in love with it. They all wanted one.

They have a Mini Yorkie, Beagles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Orange Tabby Cat, and Shih Tzu.

My mom carries hers everywhere with her, in her purse. My kids pull it out every time she stops by.

They are a great toy pet for kids if you don’t have option to have a real one. They even snore – although fair warning, cause the snoring is fairly loud and can get to be too much, quickly.

Find them on Amazon HERE – Currently priced at $14.95 with Prime Shipping.

8. Splash Pad

One of the favorite summer time toys in our house. These splash pads are incredibly easy to set up and not much hassle to take down. They hold a fair bit of water in the center for playing and you can change the size of the sprinkler spouts with the pressure from in hose. They do get slippery in the center, so you have to be careful if kids are running through it, from one side to the other. And although these are super fun and the kids have a blast, be prepared to go through several of them. I think we went through three of these in one summer. Thankfully I had got the first one sale, and when it popped (due to my older stepson stepping on the water full outer ring), I was able to send it back and get a replacement. The second time it popped, it was just the water pressure in the outer ring. Buy at your own discretion – they are so fun for kids, but seem to just be an overall poor design for longevity.

The Splash Pad pictured can be found HERE – currently $12.99 with Prime Shipping.

Other Splash Pads on Amazon can be found HERE.

9. Flower Garden Building Kit

This is one of the newest toys in our house and has quickly become one of the favorites. My kids play with this several times a day. The brown “dirt” pieces can be configured into different shapes and the flowers allow for so many different options. It also comes with two wind-up bugs and a bunch of stickers. Well worth the many for all the hours of play!

Find it HERE – Currently on sale for $7.99 (Originally $13.99) with Prime Shipping.


10. The Nugget Comfort Couch

No list would be complete without the Nugget. Unlimisted options with this fun piece of furniture. Not to mention, the more nuggets, the better the builds. We initially started with one nugget and quickly progressed to two, plus a pillow pack (which currently seem to be unavailable for purchase). They have coloring sheets with build ideas on their website, which is fun for the kids.

They are easy to clean and fairly easy to wash – but DO NOT dry them. Make sure you air dry only or you will never get the cover back on the foam.

Seemingly endless amount of colors to choose from.

The Classics: Koala, Submarine, and Blackbeard.

Limited Edition: Harbor, Atlantis, Redwood, Saturn, Bamboo, Pebble, Dewdrop, Rodeo, Bluejean, Mayberry, Sweetpea, Daybreak, Cactus, Potion, and Snorkel.

Find them on the Nugget Comfort website HERE.

The Nugget Comfort Couch is $229 with the exception of the colors Harbor, Atlantis, and Redwood because they are a double-brushed microsuede material and those three colors are $259.


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